Babies Behind Bars

Romy Titus from “Babies Behind Bars” gave us a presentation about the wonderful work her organization does with babies in correctional centres across South Africa. Romy is the Founder and Director and started the Johannesburg based PBO charity in 2007. They currently also operate in Namibia and Swaziland. The main purpose is to care for children aged between 0-2 years who are born and live in prisons with their incarcerated mothers.

These babies are often subjected to a rather harsh life behind bars. Basic needs such as proper nutrition, clothing, diapers, blankets, toys and toiletries etc are provided and they are well cared for. The motto of the organization is “Unlocking Hope” and Romy’s passion to ensure that each prison born baby have the building blocks to be happy and healthy in future life after prison was most inspiring. We wish her and her organization all the success they deserve for the future. If you would like any more information you can email