Banner Exchanges - Rotary Clubs in USA

Rotarian and Projects Chair John Joughin from the Rotary Club of Bedfordview recently returned from his trip along the coast line of the USA stretching from Seattle to San Diego and visited a few Rotary clubs along his travels. On Tuesday night 15th July, John presented our club with two banners from the Fremont Rotary Club, Seattle WA and also the Rotary Club of Buellton, CA. See some interesting information on Fremont Rotary Club below.

Fremont Rotary Club

The Fremont Rotary Club, located north-west of downtown Seattle WA, is a small young club with about 25 members. We have the honor of being the first Rotary Club to be chartered in the new millenium. Our approach is to use our creativity, labor and duct tape to piece together projects that benefit others locally and globally. Why meet for breakfast when you can meet for beer? We meet at Hales Brewery, located at 4301 Leary Way NW, Seattle 98107