Humanitarian Centre - Book Project Awards

On Tuesday night 10th June we heartily welcomed Charlie and Barbs Clemmons from the United States along with our DGE Annie Steijn and PDG Shirley Downie. Our club has been heavily involved in the book project since its inception and many of our current members are still involved in doing sterling work at the centre.

Charlie and Barbs gave us an update on the fantastic distribution of books and delivery of containers to many needy areas in the world which are amongst other needs used for libraries, clinics, administration offices, hospital wards in areas of conflict etc.

PDG Shirley gave out some awards to our members for their ongoing commitment and hard work in this project. In the photos are Charlie and Barbs addressing our members, and recipients of the awards to President Bill Viggers, IPP David Leventhorpe, PP Billy Phillips, Jeremy Webb and Anne Murray.

The Book Project