Lambano Sanctuary

Lambano Sanctuary was founded in May 2001 by Melanie Prinsloo and Leon van den Berg mainly because of a calling on their lives. Being a market researcher by profession, Melanie identified a great need for a family-based home for HIV/AIDS babies in South Africa. In 2001 she visited all the children's homes in the Gauteng Province and found that most of them are for abandoned babies with the view of adoption, but when the babies test HIV positive, most of the existing homes are not equipped to keep the babies longer term.

Leon, the pastor of the church where Melanie was attending at the time, experienced a clear calling of the Lord to do make a difference in the lives of children living with AIDS. It was decided that a home for babies that test HIV positive would be opened with the view of providing a home for as long as such a child would need one. The Hospice section of the sanctuary was officially opened in October 2009.

The Bedfordview Rotary club assists with funding and have joined hands with five Gold Coast Australian Rotary clubs to raise R80 000.00 by way of a Rotary grant. The cost of food, caregivers, medicine & clothes etc is a constant drain on resources and this worthy cause continues to be a beneficiary of our annual golf day fundraising event.