The Humanitarian Centre Literature Project

Please Note: The Humanitarian Centre Literature Project operates out of the Community Center in Bedfordview, and not The Rotary Club's meeting place. To contact the Literature Project please send an email to

For the past 13 years, the Rotary Clubs in Texas have been collecting educational and recreational books from schools, universities and many other sources and these are shipped to South Africa. Funds are raised by their Second Wind Foundation and the Humanitarian Distribution Centre of SA.

This project allows people in Southern Africa access to free educational or recreational books. Free books are collected by school teachers, nursery school teachers, churches, prisons, government departments, orphanages and homes for the elderly and independent folks who just love reading!

You are welcome to collect books from the centre. However, you need to have a letter from your local Rotary club inviting you to collect the books. We need to also have a letter from the organisation or school etc who the books will be for. The collectors will need to complete a form stating how many books were taken and who they are for. We will also need the ID number of the person collecting the books.

Free books can be collected from the Humanitarian Distribution Centre of Southern Africa from Tuesday till Thursday from 09:30 – 15:00. On Fridays the centre closes at lunch time. Please bring along your own cardboard boxes for the packing the books.

You are also able to collect linen items from the centre for your school’s sick bay rooms or homes in need. There may be a few other toiletries etc for you to collect as well. If you go on a Thursday, you can ask for Joyce or Gail…otherwise on Tuesday, ask for Sylvia Knoop. The linen section is only open on Thursdays from 9:30 – till noon.

Best wishes with your projects.